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For a much needed pool servicing in Killcare, or for new pool services in Killcare, Sydney, NSW, or for the best pool care in Killcare, NSW, AU, reach out to Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd.

As part of our pool service in Killcare, our pool cleaners in Killcare take care of your existing pools and new pools in Killcare.

And in this regard, the pool services we extend include:

  • Swimming pool maintenance in Killcare
  • Any and all pool cleaning services in Killcare
  • Pool repair in Killcare
  • Concrete pool repairs in Killcare
  • Pool repairs in Killcare
  • Pool maintenance in Killcare
  • Pool renovations in Killcare
  • Upgrading pool interiors in Killcare
  • Setting up new swimming pool interiors in Killcare
  • Pool resurfacing in Killcare
  • Pool leak repairs in Killcare
  • Pool refurbishment in Killcare
  • Pool refinishing in Killcare
  • Pool crack repair in Killcare
  • Repairing concrete cancer in Killcare
  • Concrete cancer repair in Killcare
  • Rust stain removal in Killcare
  • Pebble pool finishes in Killcare

Pool Resurfacing

If you already own a pool and you want the pool surface surroundings to have a makeover, then consider resurfacing or pool resurface. Else, if it is a new pool, resurface the surface with any material or aggregate will give it an added attraction and this will be very pleasing on the eye. And in this, Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd can take care of the refinishing or resurface, the way you envision it to be.

Setting up new pools in Killcare 2257

Are you looking for the latest, eye-catching, yet user-friendly swimming pool in your home in Killcare 2257, NSW? Then you need to get on board, Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd to help set up new pools or pool in your Killcare 2257, Sydney, AU home.

Everyone dream about having a swimming pool in their home. To be able to swim at any time in familiar environs and especially so, when you can swim in the comfort of your home, and you can spend some quality time together with your family members and kids, teach your kids how to swim and most of all feel all energized and invigorated after a couple laps in the pool. So, if you already have a pool in your home and you are considering a round of refinishing, resurfacing, renovation and refurbishment, and change its interiors and improve the pool surface, and if you want a host of things done, or if you are looking to construct new pools whatever be your requisite, the renovators from Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd is your best answer.

As part of building new pools, the renovators will first visit your place and inspect the place and also discuss your requirements, budget and get an understanding of what you like, want and then plan on how big or small the swimming pool should be.

If you own a swimming pool, and want to renovate the interior, replace, resurface, take care of any plumbing leaks, remove marks, clean the water, repair any chipped, damaged, cracked or loose surface and also take care of any structural damage if any.

The type of finishes, whether you want concrete or Pebblecrete, what type of surface you are looking for, how do you want the swimming pool interiors to be and the design and plan is discussed so that renovators and homeowners are on the same page.

Following this, the tiling colour schemes, and the design is finalized and the new pool construction is initiated. As part of this pool gear and equipment are fitted in, the electrical lines and plumbing is laid and child safety fencing is erected and finally after taking care of the nitty gritty associated with a new pool, the new swimming pool in your home is ready to be used.

Pebble pool finishes

These days, more and more people are going in for pebble pool finishing of the surface of the pool. The reasons are aplenty and it goes way beyond aesthetics and appeal. And if you are planning a swim pool renovation, or are considering refurbishing the pools at your place, then Pebblecrete finishing would be good to go in for. Pebble pools are not just easy to install, but they are easy to maintain and are long-lasting too. The pebbles that are used for swim pool finishing come in different shapes, sizes and types. So, depending upon the size of the swimming pools, location, budget and also based on what most customers’ seek, the expert swim pool renovators of Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd take care of the Pebblecrete finish and pebble pool finishes and resurfacing.

Pool Service


Rust Stain Removal

You may have noticed rusting in your swim pool in your Killcare Heights 2257, Sydney. The rust stains build-up and an experienced remover can help remove the rust stains from the pool.

But the same can only be carried out by experienced removers from swimming pool maintenance and servicing companies like Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd. If you notice rusting or stains on the pool surface then its removal is best left to expert removers.

Now depending on the type of swim pools and if any metals are placed inside the pool, determines whether rusting or corrosion happens on the surface. Also if the swim pool surface is made of concrete, plaster or vinyl, rust stains can build-up. Also, if the plumbing or pipes are made of metal, then rusting happens due to the presence of the swim pool water and this too can cause stain and its removal is much needed.

Now, removers resort to different types of techniques and processes to help remove the rust stains. Depending upon the type of the swimming pool, and the degree of rusting and stains, the remover will gauge it accordingly and then apply effective methods for the removal of the stains. When the different techniques are used, it is easy to remove the rust stains too. Yes. The expertise of the remover really counts when it comes to remove or removing of the rust stains.

Concrete cancer- concrete cancer repair

Anything that is built or any structural building or swimming pool is all supported by concrete. And with usage, and over a period of time, rusting and corrosion of the steel encased within the structural concrete causes the concrete to fall off the steel and the steel stands exposed and corrosion will happen even more. This in turn will also cause spalling, leaks, and cracks and chipped concrete does not bode well for the structural building too. In the construction industry, this is what is referred to as concrete cancer. Spalling or concrete cancer can also occur if the concrete has not been mixed and put properly. Or over time, corrosion and other factors, creates concrete cancer.

In the event concrete cancer, corrosion, spalling, leaks, cracks and other things have occurred in the structural part and if you think your swimming pool is affected, leave it to the swimming pool service experts at Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd. Repairing and eliminating traces of spalling and removing concrete cancer, leaks and plug the cracks and chipped surface is our look out.

    Services We Do

  •  Pool Crack Repair in Killcare
  •  Concrete Cancer in Killcare
  •  Rust Stain Removal in Killcare
  •  Pool Cleaning Services in Killcare
  •  Pool Interiors in Killcare
  •  Concrete Cancer Repair in Killcare

    Services We Do

  •  Swimming Pool Maintenance in Killcare
  •  Pool Cleaning Services in Killcare
  •  Pool Repair in Killcare
  •  Pool Care in Killcare
  •  Concrete Pool Repairs in Killcare
  •  Pool Leak Repairs in Killcare

    Services We Do

  •  Pool Maintenance in Killcare
  •  Pool Renovations in Killcare
  •  Pool Interiors in Killcare
  •  Swimming Pool Interiors in Killcare
  •  Pool Resurfacing in Killcare
  •  Pebble Pool Finishes in Killcare

Pool Maintenance - Swimming Pool Maintenance

Once you have a swimming pool at your place, then its upkeep and maintenance is very important because the water should see a periodic cleaning or it is not fit for anyone to swim in the pool as it can be a health hazard. So, if you are looking for a swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service in and around your neighbourhood, then Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd is who you need to reach out to.

In the event there is a structural damage of any sort, or loose, chipped, cracked and damaged tiling has occurred, leaking plumbing and more same can be detected when regular servicing and maintenance is carried out.

As part of our swimming pool maintenance service, pool water cleaning, washing of the surrounding surface, removing of stains and marks and the swimming pool interior and exterior are cleaned thoroughly by the cleaner.

Pool Renovations

People opt for swimming renovations for many reasons more than one. If there is a planning in the offing to renovate the house, then a swimming renovation and refurbishment is also planned. At times, the pool area, the surface and the way condition the pool is in, like it needs a lot of repairs, the tiles and surface is cracked, loose tiles, leaking damaged pipes and swimming pool equipment, indelible marks and stains and no amount of cleaning and washing is helping, and for many more reasons. Instead of just going in for a replacement, or just renovate it in parts, repairing it here and there, a complete facelift with renovations will give a new lease of life to the pool.

If you plan to renovate the pool area, the interior and the exterior surfaces, will see a refurbishing of sorts. Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd will help replace any leaking plumbing, loose or tiles with a crack or damage will be taken care of, and a detailed inspection and detection of the swimming pool area will be carried out. And finally, waterproofing is carried out. And all in all, in no time, you will have a brand-new swimming pool perfect for you to exercise, relax and just spend time in.

Concrete cancer or spalling is caused over a period of time when water or moisture seeps into concrete, brick or even cement constructions and the outer surface gets chipped, becomes loose, gets cracked or even breaks off. Concrete cancer also occurs due to corrosion of the steel that is present in the concrete structure.

Concrete cancer is concrete chipping off, or coming loose, or cracks occurring on the concrete that encases the steel structure. This is not good for the structure, building or swimming pool and concrete cancer repairs should be undertaken immediately by experienced concrete cancer repair specialists.

Pool coatings are best suited for commercial or residential swimming pools, outdoor hot water tubs and any place where the water has a high presence of either chlorine or salt which is either applied or added.

The pool coatings that are added waterproof the concrete surface or any other surface of the swimming pool. Pool coatings not only help seal and protect the pool but it also adds a touch of aesthetic appeal and the colours and shades will make the pool and pool area look a lot more attractive and beautiful. Pool coatings are often mistaken for paints. It is a plaster or coating that is specially meant for pools.

Pool coping or pool coping are usually made of concrete and is basically a term used for the material that is used to cap the outline or the wall of the pool. Pool coping comes in different materials. And most popular are pavers, paving, flagstones and more.

Pool coping is a cap or edging that is kept at the rim side or the top side of a swimming pool. Pool copings protect the pool’s outline and structure. It is laid just after the pool tiling ends in the top part of the pool’s structure. The pool coping neatly separates the actual pool structure from the surrounding pool area.

Pool Leak Repairs - Pool Crack Repair

If you suddenly notice that your water bills are very high and you notice that leaking pipes could be the reason for this. Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd has leak detection equipment which will help find the source of the leak. The leak detection and the subsequent repair will help prevent water loss and will keep the water bills at a steady level.

Pool Interiors - Swimming Pool Interiors

If you want to keep the pool interiors clean and in a great condition at all times, then leave it to Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd to take care of the pool interiors so that it looks very inviting and wears a clean look and the water is safe for all. Not just this, if you want to change the interiors, then a pool interior renovation can also be planned.

Pool Refurbishment

Pool refurbishment is nothing but refurbishing your existing pools and giving it a new lease of life. As part of the undertaken refurbishing work, Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd will replace loose tiling, waterproofing is carried out, and repairs or service that is needed will be undertaken. When a swimming pool is refurbished and maintained, it will only keep it in good condition for a long time to come.

Our Works

Pool Refinishing

Pool refinishing is similar to pool resurfacing and refurbishment. Basically, it is a replacement of the external surface, or there is a refinishing carried out. Basically, if there is a crack or a series of crack in and around the pool area or even in the pool interior, a refinishing will take care of this problem. This is also in a way pool care and issues will not aggravate thanks to timely intervention.

Pool Repair - Concrete Pool Repairs - Pool Repairs

If there is a crack, or leak detection of the pipes or the pool area throws light on some problems in the plumbing or tiling, or if the concrete pool needs repairs of any sort or a leak detection shows a crack or two in the plumbing, then a replacement of the plumbing may be needed and a round of repairs is in order. So, if you are looking for the best pool repair specialists in around Sydney, it is Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd.

Pool Care

Once your swimming pool is installed or constructed, then regular, ongoing pool care is of utmost importance. The water will have to be recycled, cleaned and treated with the right chemicals. Not just this, the tiling will have to be cleaned and the interior will have to be kept clean and maintained well. Just by building a swimming pool and leaving it as is will not complete it. Pool care is of utmost importance and a swimming pool specialist cleaner like Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd will have to be hired for all and any pool care that is needed.

Servicing Areas in Sydney, NSW

Pool Cleaners - Pool Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a good, dependable pool cleaner who will take care of the swimming pool water and remove the dirt, marks, and carry out the cleaning and washing, then connect with the pool cleaning services- Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd. Our cleaners will take care of your pool, remove any signs of dirt, marks and in the course of the cleaning will not damage the pool, or the area around the pool. You can trust our pool cleaners and our pool cleaning services and our pricing too is competitive. At anytime, for any pool cleaning services, contact Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd.

For an anytime swimming pool maintenance, repairs, renovations, refurbishment services, it is Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd in Killcare Heights, Sydney!

In the Killcare 2257 suburb of Sydney, AU, if are planning a swimming pool refurbishment or you are planning on a renovation, resurfacing and refinishing, or if you want some structural changes, repair of chipped and cracked concrete, want to plug the plumbing leaks or if you want maintenance and waterproofing services done, then connect with Structural Pools & Spas Pty Ltd on 0427707070 or write in to us at webby1@hotmail.com.

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